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   To promote, protect and advocate for historic resources in Forsyth County.

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  • 17 Mar 2022 9:28 AM | David Bergstone (Administrator)

    As you can see we have moved our website for Preservation Forsyth. While we have tried to test everything there will likely be minor issues and continued changes, such as integration of online payments.

    The Preservation Forsyth board decided last year to return to using the Wild Apricot platform. This will allow us to better integrate the website and other aspects, such as event and membership management. Our membership dropped significantly when we tried a more traditional website and spread out the functions of emails and registrations. That impacted our membership by not having all the information about engagement (e.g. emails read, events attended) and the loss of automatic reminders and renewals in one place. We realized that we had better understanding of our members when we could identify who had attended events or was getting emails. This also gives us ability to provide webpages only to our members.

    This blog will also allow for more in depth posts instead of on Facebook where can be harder to find again. We hope you find this more useful and appreciate any feedback and changes.

    Preservation Month is coming to get ready for a push of new opportunities to learn about and support the historic resources in Forsyth County.

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We are proud  to partner with businesses that have a track record of providing services that directly benefit historic property owners

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